Vaughn’s first interaction with Northwestern Mutual was with a recruiter at a career fair while he was still an undergraduate student at Butler University. He was a biology major initially, tacking on a business minor when he became a bit disillusioned with the idea of being a physician. At the time, he hadn’t considered finance and wasn’t quite sure of the direction he wanted to head, but he knew he wanted to pursue a noble profession in which he could have deep impact. At graduation in 2001, Vaughn launched his financial planning practice.

“The role of a financial advisor is to counsel our clients well. I’ve spent so much of my career building my expertise, asking for mentorship and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. That expertise is important, but you can have the best written financial plan in history and if you don’t match your behavior to that plan, it is worthless. We believe that change in your finances starts with understanding who you are, what you care about and how we can match your plan and your behavior to those priorities.”

Moving his practice to Naples in 2005, Vaughn had the opportunity to learn from career-advisors that had been working specifically with business owners for decades. It was then that he realized that most business owners had interacted with different product salespeople, but had rarely worked with a true advisor – someone that can help put all the pieces together to help accomplish both the goals of the business and the goals for the owners’ families.

Still maintaining excellent relationships with current clients and the capacity to work with new clients in Indianapolis and Naples, Vaughn’s team is now housed in Raleigh, North Carolina. The move, precipitated by a family decision driven by education goals for their children, has proven to be fruitful for Vaughn’s practice. His team is quickly expanding to serve clients from all walks of life, as long as they are ready to trust an advisor, be empowered to act on their financial planning goals, and develop a lifelong relationship with an advisor who will always try to counsel them well.

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Vaughn H Hoban

Wealth Management Advisor


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